Neighborhood Watch

A Program for the Mill Creek Community

I. Neighborhood Watch Definition:

A. Neighborhood Watch - A group of concerned neighbors working together to prevent crime within their neighborhood by observing suspicious activities and reporting possible criminal activity to the police.

II. Goals of Neighborhood Watch:

III. Training given for Neighborhood Watch Groups:

A. Crime statistics (particularly burglary) are given to the group to demonstrate the need for concern or to demonstrate the success of the program.
B. Share information or display on various types of locks, ranging from poorest to best.
C. Review AOperation Identification© and its usefulness to Police.
D. Ideas for other forms of Crime Prevention; (theft, robbery, rape, vandalism)
E. Each Neighborhood Watch group will receive explanations of different suspicious circumstances to look for and what to do if they witness anything suspicious.
F. Each Neighborhood Watch Group will receive instructions of what to do if they are a witness to an actual crime that is in progress.

IV. Neighborhood Watch is not designed to be:

A. A vigilante group
B. A police reserve program
C. A citizen patrol group

V. Neighborhood Watch is designed to:

A. Neighborhood Watch extends the eyes and ears of the police to every citizen.
B. Neighborhood Watch members are strongly discouraged from taking the law into their own hands at any time.
C. Neighborhood Watch members are encouraged to immediately report all suspicious activities to the police. After they have notified the police, their function is to continue to observe and gather additional description or information from a Safe Place. From various small reports, police can make a determination of matching facts that could help in solution to a series of crimes.

Remember, this is a community project. It is not a police project. You will only get out of the Neighborhood Watch Program what you and your neighbors put into it.

Our police dept. is proud to serve the citizens of Salado. Their aim is to stop crime!
Please help us to help you by getting the crime prevention message out to everyone.

Crime prevention is everybody's business!


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